When to buy those (pesky) airline tix

According to multiple sources the best time to book your flight is about 7 weeks before take off. A lot of air-travellers believe in waiting for a last-minute deal, but according to new research, you should NEVER book your ticket within the final two weeks before the flight…

when to fly

Source: https://tackk.com/best-time-to-book-a-flight


I wrote this

Why do some people really rub you up the wrong way? And I’m not mentioning any names (MY SISTER) but really, all that person has to do is sing a little “Heya” and I’m ready to perform harakiri. On her. In other more rousing news, I like beer. A lot. So much so that I wrote about it for Your Wealth magazine (Liberty Life’s customer publication). Brace for impact…Your Wealth Magazine - April'14_Beer_Page_1 Your Wealth Magazine - April'14_Beer_Page_2 Your Wealth Magazine - April'14_Beer_Page_3 Your Wealth Magazine - April'14_Beer_Page_4 

I wrote this

Sometimes, when I’m not extravagantly inhaling trays of Ferrero Rochers, or dancing (like a frog in a blender) on bar tops on Indian Ocean islands, or missing aeroplanes and losing cellphones, I write about things of substance. Things that really matter. No, not fundraising proposals for Doctor’s Without Borders, but rather, design. Hay! It’s important too you know! This was for that extremely sexy, award-winning magazine, Joburg Style. 

I wrote this

A little travel foray into South Africa’s much-maligned Free State. It’s not all sun-baked mielie fields and moonshine-brewing boers. Well, maybe a little. Pics courtesy of that man with a most special eye, Jay Jay Gregory. Thanks JJ!